Car Keys Stuck In Ignition?

Car Keys Stuck In Ignition - M&N Locksmith Co.

There’s many reasons that car keys sometimes get stuck inside the ignition of the vehicle. If it occurs constantly, it’s most likely a structural issue with the ignition switch itself. There’s a large chance that there’s some sort of wire or button inside the structure that houses the ignition mechanism that’s misaligned, preventing the key […]

Tips For Hiring A Quality Locksmith

Tips For Hiring A Quality Locksmith - M&N Locksmith Co.

It happens to everyone. Sometimes you really can’t prevent getting locked outside of your car, home, or workplace. Everyone at one point needs to consider the installation of high security locks or a home security system. Regardless of your specific lock related needs, there’s a few important factors to  keep in mind while you’re hiring a […]

Locked Out Of Your Home Or Office?

Locked Out Of Your Home Or Office - M&N Locksmith Co.

The expert residential and commercial locksmiths at M&N Locksmith regularly perform lockout services for our valued customers. There’s a few strategies, however, that homeowners can tackle when trying to regain entry into their homes that can be attempted before contacting a locksmith. In this blog post, we’ll detail what the first steps you should take are […]

Process Of Rekeying Locks

Process Of Rekeying Locks - M&N Locksmith Co.

Re-keying is a unique, convenient, and special service that saves our clients much time, money, and stress. You might be wondering how rekeying is exactly so beneficial. Well. here’s how. What’s a Rekey? Rekeying at it’s most essential core is the process of changing a lock so a different key can work it. The process was […]