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About M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh

The quality locksmith services that M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh can provide you with is second to none. Working on locks that are as old as the traditional locks of yesteryear to more advanced mechanical locks of today; no lock or key is a match for our experienced and talented locksmiths.

Residents of Pittsburgh trust M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh to get new locks installed or old ones repaired. M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh has been around for over a decade now and grown its reputation for its reliability and customer service.

Contact M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh and avail our incredibly professional and affordable locksmith services!

Why M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh?

At M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh, our motto has always been to be more efficient than the rest of the locksmiths in Pittsburgh. We work in a more efficient manner by using the latest equipment, technology, and skill sets to not only get the work done faster but also get to locations quicker.


Having worked around Pittsburgh for over a decade, M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh takes pride in being faster, better and more affordable than the average locksmith. No matter where you are or what the problem is, we are just one call away! We can lock and unlock pretty much anything from doors to safes and even vaults, while also being able to repair keys and locks on site.


We might sound like we’re overselling ourselves, but M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh is no fools gold. You’ve landed on this article for a reason, figure it out by giving us a call. We have achieved the trust and respect of thousands of residents in Pittsburgh.

We Are Pittsburgh’s Most Helpful Locksmith Service Provider!

There’s no saying when an emergency can occur. Which is why M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh offers a service that is unlike any other. A desire and commitment to help you out wherever we can, whenever we can.