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Car Keys Stuck In Ignition?

There’s many reasons that car keys sometimes get stuck inside the ignition of the vehicle. If it occurs constantly, it’s most likely a structural issue with the ignition switch itself. There’s a large chance that there’s some sort of wire or button inside the structure; that houses the ignition mechanism that’s misaligned, preventing the key from turning to the fully disengaged position; where it can be removed. This counts as a full jam in the device; but if you jiggle the key around or lightly hit the steering column, the key can be released.

Locked Steering Wheels

There’s other situations where there’s no inner structural malfunctions, but the steering wheel itself is locked in a closed position. In these situations, you just need to slightly rotate it left or right to help release the key. Another tactic to implement is to check to see which direction the car’s wheels are turned to, and turning the steering wheel in the other direction. When cars get parked with their wheels facing opposite directions, it can put great pressure on the steering wheel making it jam. When you release it with this method, there’s a loud click, signaling that the ignition is freed up.

Manual Removal

You might be trying to move your key when it breaks off inside the car ignition car keys stuck in ignition. Try to use pliers to manually yank out the part of the key that you have access to. If you don’t see it, try applying a small amount of superglue to the head of the key that broke off, stick it inside so it can touch the part that broke it off, wait a few minutes, and pull it out.

Remember: only use a small amount of superglue…if it get’s into the mechanism it can break it

If the key is STILL stuck, it’s probably due to a shifter mechanism malfunction. In this situation you will need the help of a professional. Call a licensed car repair service as soon as possible, as these malfunctions can cause airbags to suddenly be deployed, which can be quite dangerous.

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