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Car Lockout – One Less Problem

If you are looking for a service of excellence, reliable and practical in Pittsburgh PA to block your car, look no further because you found it, car lockout is here, and you can start enjoying it. Thanks to our years of experience in the field we can assure you a perfect job. Our primary objective is your satisfaction, and we will demonstrate it.

Before It Is Too Late

Did you buy a new car, and are you afraid someone will steal it? Thanks to our car lockout professionals, let this cease to be a concern. The next time you have to leave your car on the street, don’t be afraid of it. We offer you a service that is always available for you, for what you need.  And if you have already incorporated our car lockout, we can also make a car key replacement if necessary! Whenever our lock suffers inconvenience, we regret not having done something before, and it is never going to be a better time to do something that now that you can have the best service in Pittsburgh, PA. Contact us anytime. We are available for your attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Number One In Your Life And The Business

There are many reasons why we are the number 1 company in the business. On the one hand,  in M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh, we have superior availability. You will always find someone on our car lockout team ready to lend you a hand. All our employees are highly qualified to perform the tasks requested, with the best possible willingness to work and as quickly as possible. Second, we design a working model in which the response speed is high. We are aware that you may have a problem with locking your car at any time, so we are ready to cover any area of Pittsburgh, PA, no matter the time.

Last but not least, we love to receive our customers. Our telephone lines are always open for any queries you may have. We firmly believe that our business’s core is the customers and that nothing could be possible without them. That is why we are always waiting with open arms for our client’s queries. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us before it’s too late.

Key Replacement

In addition to performing the car lockout service, we offer the car key replacement service at the company. Our customers often bring us their problems or ask us about their car keys. They may break or become obsolete over time. That is why we knew how to train ourselves to provide the customer with the service of replacing them to be even more complete. Besides, we can perform both services in one. We are performing the car lockout and a key replacement to enjoy your safety.


As the customer at our top priority, we seek your safety in all respects. And we know that the time we’re going through isn’t the best. Thanks to the COVID-19, we had to redesign all our working methods to incorporate all the Pittsburgh PA government protocols. Our employees had to carry out different pieces of training to be able to work in time of the pandemic, and we incorporated to the tools of work the latest technology in masks and costumes to prevent the contagion of the virus. Our clients are informed before performing the work under which protocols the work will be performed. And after your commitment to fulfilling these, we proceed to perform the task. In the car lockout service and the car key replacement, these measures will be strictly complied with. In case these are not fulfilled or are partially fulfilled, we try the client to communicate with us so that we can take the corresponding actions in each case. Without a doubt, when providing the car lockout, we take this issue seriously for your safety and our teams.

If you still don’t have our services, I invite you to contact M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh. We want you to see for yourself what we’re capable of. Our years of experience prove it, and we will continue to demonstrate it when we receive your call. Our company know it’s always good to have someone trustworthy for your problems or needs, and we want to be your lock friend. We will give you back all the trust you place in us when hiring our services. We work day by day for it. Call now since those locks need a change, and your keys are crying out! Do not wait any longer! We have the best solution for all your problems

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