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In the industry of commercial door locks, there are many kinds, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The type of business and the level of security you require will determine the type of commercial door lock that will fit your needs. Call M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA to install, repair or replace commercial locks to save all your valuable things in your company. Our expertise to install security front door locks are of utmost quality!

Commercial Grade Locks: What Are They?

The quality of door locks varies. Therefore, each is secure and reliable to a certain degree. Durability, strength, and price determine the quality of door locks. Each grade comes with its own set of features. To ensure a successful purchase, you should take into consideration your budget and personal preferences.

If The grade one lock on a door is capable of enduring millions of operations. There are 800,000 openings and closings possible for the second and third level locks. Using a grade one lock, you can hit the knobs ten times, each time putting 75 foot pounds on the bolt. There is a projection of 1.2 inches on the latch on degrees one and three. If the shockproof doorknob grade two lock is subjected to 75 foot-pounds of force, five hits can be absorbed, while two hits can be absorbed by the lock grade three.

Commercial Front Door Locks Types:

There are six types of commercial door locks, including keyless entry systems, commercial strike locks, restricted key systems, door closer systems, magnetic locks, and master key systems. You can buzz your visitors into a commercial strike lock using an electric device. It comes with a doorbell or intercom system. Visitor announcements, bell ringing, and admission are all necessary steps. Centers for child care, clinics, and law offices use this type typically. Keeping employees safe and keeping track of who enters and leaves a building is the purpose of this safety mechanism.

There is no need to explain how keyless entry works. Passwords or security numbers will be required instead of keys to enter. There is no functional lever or doorknob when a magnetic lock is used. It is located on top of the frame with an electric motor to operate the magnet which is located above the frame. A revolving door usually has this kind of lock. In restricted key systems, the number of times an authorized person can copy the keys is limited, making them one of the most secure types. Commercial buildings typically use door closers. Once someone enters, it automatically closes. Access to certain areas within the building is restricted by the master key system. By using the system, the system keeps track of which areas or doors are accessed.

Commercial Front Door Locks: How Do I Choose the Best One?

Deadbolt System with Keypad – Schlage BE365 Camelot – Designed for people who rarely remember their keys, this lock is easy to use. There is a possibility of programming and deleting whatever code you want. There is no need to drill holes in the door to fit it.

This Smart Lock with Fingerprints & Touchscreen is Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth. – These ones use fingerprint technology so you are assured of security. The fingerprint sensor prevents unauthorized entry to your business or home.

Remote Control Digital Door Lock for Offices – Featuring digital technology, this door lock is ideal for offices. Remote controls are also available for opening and unlocking the door.

Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt Yale Security YRD120 – A universal lock with programmable symbols. Using a touchscreen pad, you enter a code to gain access.
Keyless entry UltraLOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock via Wi-Fi – With six methods of opening, this is a very versatile lock.

With the Schlage Camelot FE595 Keypad Entry, no additional key cards are required. – Keyless access codes and easy installation make this lock an excellent choice.

What is the Value of Locks With High Security?

A high-security lock is a worthwhile investment if there are valuables inside the building. Other than that, a better alternative exists. Another option is to install deadbolts on the interior of your residence to improve security. If you want to go ultra-secure, try Schlage AntiPicks or Kwikset Smart Keys. Additional solutions that you can use to enhance your security include sensors and security cameras.

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