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How Does an Electric Door Lock Works

Keys can be replaced with electric door locks, and they can also be used to add more home automation capabilities like remote locking and unlocking. Numerous advanced security companies offer electric door locks for houses and businesses, despite the fact that they are most frequently seen on automobiles.

Traditional key locks are still very popular, but electric door locks are also gaining ground. This is because of the ease with which they lock and unlock your door. It also eliminates the need for keys, thereby reducing the chances of you locking yourself out of your house.

Electronic door locks are similar in the way they work to traditional key locks. The difference is that the latches are controlled by electrical impulses. This can be triggered in a number of ways: by a wireless remote control sensor, by an electronic car reader, or by a keypad. Additionally, it is programmed to activate the motor-driven actuator only when the correct electronic input is entered.

Installing an Electronic Door Lock

An electric door lock is pretty easy to install, although this is only true for a professional locksmith Pittsburgh, PA. Someone with no experience may have difficulty installing this lock. So it is better to have a professional help with it.

One thing about electronic security locks is that they can come with a combination of different lock mechanisms. This means you can unlock with a keypad lock, biometrics, and sometimes keys. So, you can choose anyone based on your security requirements.

M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh is the company to call if you need this lock for your home or business. Our experts can install your electric keypad door lock, repair it if there is an issue with it, and also replace hardware if there is a need for such. Reach out to us in Pittsburgh, PA, for the best installation service in the city.

Smarts Locks and Home Security

With sophisticated smart locks, your electric door lock can be controlled and monitored remotely. What this means is that just like in cars, where you can remotely unlock the door, pop the trunk, and even start the engine, you can do even more with homes and businesses.

Since these types of locks can be automated, you can set your lock to lock at a particular time. This is particularly useful if you are the type that forgets to lock their door before they go to bed at night. Remote monitoring apps can also let you see if there are any unlocked doors, and you can lock them from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, if you are not around and security personnel such as the police or fire personnel need to access your home, you can unlock it from anywhere without them having to destroy the door. These are some of the many advantages of the electronic lock.

Can I Upgrade my Electric Security Door Lock?

Electric security locks with automated systems are upgradeable. New features can be added by simply updating the software. Although sometimes physical hardware upgrades may need to be installed. Unlike traditional key locks, you do not have to replace your locks whenever they become old and worn out.

M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh is available should you need to install an upgrade to your door lock. Aside from that, we can perform regular maintenance to keep your security system in good working order all year round. We are also always available if you have problems with this lock that require immediate attention. Simply put a call through to us to make an appointment today.

Electronic Door Lock Repair Service: A Resolution That Works!

Whether mechanical or electrical, door locks cannot escape certain repair needs. Nothing lasts forever, as we all know; no matter how long they can last, they will eventually succumb to wear and tear. However, these locks are not often subject to wear and tear, as you may hardly even touch them. What can possibly happen, is corrupted software, malware, a short circuit caused by electrical surges, etc.

From the above, you can tell that an inexperienced person would have absolutely no idea how to fix such issues. which is why you have M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh for such service needs in Pittsburgh, PA. We have all the necessary tools as well as the expertise to fix both the software and hardware of your electric security locks. If there are certain features that are not responding to remote controls, we can fix that too. So, do you have a problem with your lock that needs a quick fix? A call to us can definitely solve that in no time.

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