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M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh has been on the market for this type of service for a long time. During this time, a lot of work has been done related to installing hardware of new and old locking devices. Our employees always make a preliminary assessment of the deterioration the mechanism. In the event that it is enough to install hardware for the locking system, we inform our customers about this.

Our rates for the services offered are transparent and reasonable, and are among the most competitive in the city. Therefore, if you need to install hardware for locks in Pittsburgh, make a call to the locksmiths with us. We work not only with individuals, but also with legal entities. We understand that installing hardware of the lock may be required very urgently, therefore we carry out emergency trips to the specified address. This is especially important during the cold season, when the owner of the apartment cannot get inside his house.

Choosing To Install Hardware For An Interior Door

Do you want to have your own space and be convinced that no one will enter it? Then installing hardware in an interior door is the only right decision for you. You can do this yourself without resorting to any other place other than M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh. It is only important to choose the right fittings. It should be of high quality, match the interior in shape, color and design.

By function and design, there are several types of door locks:

  • regular latch or latch lock;
  • mortise;
  • magnetic;
  • overhead;
  • latch;

Install Hardware For A Round Lock

It is necessary to accurately establish the location to install hardware of the round lock on the door. After that, markings are applied using the instructions for installing the product and a template. In this case, the height from the floor should be equal to 965 m. The markings are applied from the side of the door, taking into account the thickness of the web and the length of the tongue of the locking mechanism.

Two points are applied on the front side of the canvas. To obtain the first, it is necessary to measure a distance of 60 mm from the edge of the door, and 70 mm for the second.

A hole with a diameter of 50 mm is drawn on the canvas, which is necessary for mounting the handle. In the end part of the door opposite the main hole, a second diameter of 23 mm is outlined, which will be the basis for the hole for the latch.

In Case You Want To Install Hardware For A Flat Locking Mechanism

On the door jamb, draw the vertical and horizontal axes with a pencil. The cross line is drawn at a height of 965 mm from the point of the finished floor. If the door is made of solid wood or has a retro design, then the horizontal axis should be drawn at a height of 800 mm. The markings are applied to the lock attached to the door with a pencil, and the lock is selected according to this drawing. The resulting socket will be slightly larger than the required size, which will allow you to adjust the clearance for the mechanism.

When marking the holes for mounting the cylinder and the spindle, there are certain nuances. It is carried out with the attachment of the lock on the side. In this case, the holes are made with an additional indent from the end of the door. The width of these holes should be equal to that of the end plate.

Install Hardware For The Counter Part Of The Lock

This is the final moment of the installation of the lock mechanism. To install the counterpart, follow these steps:

  • Close the door and draw two lines on the opening, the distance between which corresponds to the size of the lock latch.
  • Measure how far the start of the latch is from the corner of the door.
  • Measure exactly the same distance on the opening – this is the beginning of the groove.
  • If you are going to drown the counterpart in the jamb, then put it in place and trace with a pencil along the inner and outer contours. If not, then outline only the inner one.
  • Before you install hardware, make a recess for the tongue and self-tapping screws with a tool.
  • Install the counterpart and close the doors. If an extra backlash occurs, eliminate it by bending the tongue on the answer.

Thus, you have come to the finish line. Install hardware for a new lock or an old one is not a very difficult process, but it requires accuracy. When changing the old mechanism, M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh experts put to consideration that it is advisable to reinstall. After all, the problem can sometimes be solved by simply adjusting the hardware elements.

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