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Locked Out Of Your Home Or Office?

The expert residential and commercial locksmiths at M&N Locksmith regularly perform lockout services for our valued customers who found themselves locked out of their home or office. There’s a few strategies, however, that homeowners can tackle when trying to regain entry into their homes that can be attempted before contacting a locksmith Pittsburgh. In this blog post, we’ll detail what the first steps you should take are for when you experience a lockout.

Finding Spare Keys

If you have a pair of spare keys in your possession – or perhaps if a friend, family member, super, or property manager does – try and retrieve it. It’s always a good idea to leave a spare house key to a trusted neighbor to watch over for this exact reason. Sometimes other people hide spare keys on their property (although we advise really making sure that you hide them in a secure spot that burglars wouldn’t be able to find.) If you have spare keys anywhere, try and find them.

Other Entry Modes

There’s usually other ways into homes besides the front door (for better or worse.) If you find yourself locked out of your home or office, look to see if any of your windows are open, unlocked, and accessible, or if your back door is open. In these cases you might be hoping for an easy alternative entry method – and if there is, it will serve you well in this time. But after getting in and getting your keys back, make sure to copy spare keys so you don’t find yourself in this situation again, and also make sure to plug up these holes in your home security so that burglars can’t enter your home the same way that you just did.

Door Circumvention

Try slipping a tool through the gap of the door to manipulate the interior thumbturn latch to open up the door. This won’t work with doors that have double sided deadbolts, and care should be taken not to push the door or lock out of alignment. If this won’t work, see if this strategy could work with any sort of windows or back doors if those are also not open – but be careful not to damage your locks with this too.

Contacting a Professional Locksmith

If you find that none of the above strategies work, contact M&N Locksmith Co. Our team can use the best methods to find you lockout solutions, whether it be making you a brand new working key, opening your door with bump keys or lock picks, or repairing your broken or malfunctioning locks. Contact us today.

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