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Locksmiths 24-7 In Pittsburgh, PA – Are You In Need Of A Locksmith?

If you need the best locksmith Pittsburgh has to repair a lock in your home or storefront, then look no further than M&N Locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh. We have the best locksmith specialists this city has to offer. M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh has all the commercial, residential and automotive solutions you may need. Our service is not only highly professional, but the friendliest service there is. We think our customers are like family to us, so we treat them the best we can. This policy has shown that we indeed give great service and appreciate it as the recurring customer list only keeps growing. We also have locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA, on standby to help if any emergency occurs. We can provide the most professional and prepared locksmith Pittsburgh has for your current situation.

M&N Locksmiths 24-7 In Pittsburgh, PA And Chicago, IL

We provide locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA, as well as in Chicago, IL. You might be wondering why we do something as providing locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA. That is because, as we have seen in Chicago, IL emergencies happen at all hours of the day. Maybe while trying to enter your home, you realize you´ve lost your house keys, or maybe even your storefront lock breaks while you are closing, so we strive to give the best locksmith service there is at all times. We want to make sure you have the best service you can get as we know how stressful these issues can be.

Our master locksmiths provide the service there is. These two cities are equipped to deal with all sorts of issues and emergencies. These emergencies may include or involve:

  • Residential issues
  • Commercial Issues
  • Automotive Issues
  • Emergency Issues

We provide locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA, for all of these situations. There is no situation we can´t handle. We are ready for everything.

Residential Situations

Imagine you lose your key and can´t get inside your home. What would you do? Break a door? Maybe even break a window or try to force the lock, all these ideas might seem intelligent at the moment, but while being calm, you´ll see how dangerous and difficult they are. Forcing the lock might break it, or maybe even breaking the windows or breaking the door can get you into trouble if someone sees you or even hurt yourself. Let us take care of it; we are professionals who specialize in this kind of emergencies.  Even if it is at night or early in the morning, we have locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA, on standby to help any location that has called for assistance. Safes can break, too, whether at work or home, so if you have an old safe at any location, let us know! Our locksmiths are prepared to help you with any safety-related issue.

Commercial Situations

If you have a business, there is even more reason to hire our locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA service. Having employees come and go and their keys or maybe even have to upgrade the locks to increase security are real situations that can happen. There is no reason to change the lock or buy a new one every time a key is lost but re-keying the locks when a key is nowhere to be found is a smart business decision.

Emergency Situations

Our locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA service has a big role to play in emergencies. We prepared all of our locksmiths for any kind of situation. They have all the necessary tools to help you with whatever and whenever needed. We can help you with safety issues, residential issues, commercial issues, and even automotive issues. Whether it is a lost key or maybe even a broken key, we can do everything. So give us a call, and our locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA will go to your location and help you out!


We have locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA the ready for your call at all times. We are proud to say, we believe and our clients also that our locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA is the best 24-7 service the city has. Our experts are constantly improving and upgrading our service. Our team makes a great effort so that you have as little wait time as possible.

How Our Locksmiths Are Working Through COVID-19

As M&N locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA service has a lot of clients. Our locksmiths have to go from location to location. To make sure they move from location to location while maintaining a certain safety standard for themselves and our dear customers. Our locksmiths will maintain social distancing with the client and wear gloves and a mask. We ask you to comply with social distancing to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Usually, this wouldn´t be an issue, but with Covid-19 and the lockdowns and work restrictions and schools closing, there is a high chance you are in your house with your family, so we want to take as little risk as possible.

As we are trying to avoid as much as possible any contact our locksmiths have with our clients to avoid the spread of the virus and make sure everyone stays safe, we encourage our customers to pay through other means cash. We still accept cash payments, but other payment forms will be preferable to make as little contact as possible.

Contact us!

If having the best locksmith Pittsburgh has ever seen is not enough for you, we hope that having locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA, on standby to help you with any lock-related issue is more than enough to make you call us! We can help you make your home or storefront more secure, or you might even need to call us because an old safe broke. Don´t even doubt it. M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh is your best option! Our experts are waiting for your call! We have the best locksmiths 24-7 in Pittsburgh, PA. We are sure you will be more than satisfied with our service.

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