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Re-key Lock A Rama – Let Our Pros Deal With Your Lock Problems!

A very important and simply interesting question for security is how to re-key the lock installed on the front door. In most cases, even a beginner can do such a procedure. In order to perform a re-key lock, each type of mechanism has its algorithm and set of tools.

People are usually come at M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh for re-key lock services if there is a security issue, so it’s a very regular service we do. As a matter of fact, lock re-keying is very technical and calls for the services of an expert locksmith. Our team will help you take care of this operation,; we can do it for you at the lowest possible costs.

Re-key lock means obtaining a new key for an old lock; but you must still engage the bolts of the door to be able to open it fully. Thus, to rekey the bolt, the locking mechanism has to be replaced with a new key; that are not designed to work with the old ones.

 Hire Re-Key Lock Locksmith For All Types of Lock Technologies

Foreign manufacturers produce locks with the ability to convert them, i.e., the lock contains a replaceable element, which, if necessary, can be removed and replaced with a new one. Accordingly, you receive new keys that come with the replacement unit.

It often happens that the keys to your home or office are lost or stolen. In such a situation, in the lock to be re-keyed, it is necessary to change the secret element, the so-called NUCLEO (nucleo, nucleus). It is cheaper than changing the lock completely. Our craftsmen can offer a choice of models of re-keyed locks. They will tell you all the advantages and subtleties of such locks, install such locks or perform work on re-key lock processes.

In re-key locks, the replaceable block is changed when the lock is re-keyed. Lever locks are re-keyed by replacing the nucleo, which is essentially a similar way of replacing keys in cylinder locks – changing the cylinder (cylinder).

Re-Key Lock Services For A Missing Key In Your New Or Old Home

It may be necessary to re-key lock in different situations; it concerns the replacement of the door, loss of keys, etc. Consider the most frequent situations when you need to change the lock code:

  • Repair work. If hired workers use your door key, it is worth replacing it, as the integrity of all people cannot be guaranteed. A worker could make a mold or a duplicate, and after the completion of the work, a robbery is possible.
  • Loss of a key. A more particular situation, but the result remains the same: you risk the safety of your own home, since the one who finds your key can get into the apartment.
  • Updating the mechanism to improve security. This can be done some time after using the old mechanism. It is carried out for preventive purposes or if the lock used is no longer as reliable as before.

Wondering Where You Can Get A Neat Re-Key Lock Service?

For metal doors, combination locks are sometimes used; re-keying them is not at all more difficult than standard mechanisms, but this can take more time. First the locksmith opens the doors to remove the back panel from the device, thanks to this he/she will have access to the coding plates.

The peculiarity of mechanisms of this type is that a combination of elements is used to lock the door, which are hidden under the buttons with numbers. These elements are represented by plates with small cuts on one side. In order to open the door, press the code buttons and they will unlock the system. This happens due to the fact that the cuts of the plates face the inside of the lock structure. Those plates that do not participate in the combination are cut outward.

In order to change the digital combination, the expert returns the plate with the notches to the opposite position. Then define a few new code buttons and align the plates underneath them with the slices inward. Then bolt the back plate and test the new combination.

Bottom Line

After all the work on replacing the cylinder has been completed, our locksmiths check the functionality of the lock with the door open. Does the handle of the lock work? Is the lock opened from the inside and with a key from the outside? Only after making sure that the lock works with the door open can the expert test it with the door closed. At the same time, the lock can be freely and easily unlocked and locked. Our experts from M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh will ensure the locking tongues easily move in their grooves, the lock works without extraneous sounds, and the key can be easily inserted and removed.

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