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Don’t Let A Jobber Repair Hardware – Our Techs Are Highly Trained!

You can try to repair hardware for locks yourself. But trying to save money on the services of specialists, there is a risk of losing much more. Even simple mechanisms in inexperienced hands can deteriorate, which will lead to additional costs, up to the replacement of the door. That is why entrust the inspection and repair to professionals.

The M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh company offers qualified assistance of repairing hardware for door locks in wooden, glass, plastic, metal (including armored) doors. We carry out prompt hardware repair of locks of any complexity; replacement of door jumps, as well as urgent opening of door locks.

Private clients and commercial organizations can count on our one-time service and long-term service. Registration and payment take place in any convenient and possible way for the customer (by cash and bank transfer). We carry out all work in the presence of the client, taking into account all his wishes.

Repair Hardware For Locks In Metal Doors

Count every minute with broken locks. Circumstances are different, a lot depends on the efficiency of the craftsmen: the safety of property, important documentation, expensive equipment, and sometimes even saving lives. Experts from M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh really appreciate your time and are ready to repair hardware or replace the lock immediately after registering the application, with a guarantee of a positive outcome.

Types Of Locks And Their Suitability For Repair Hardware In Its Design

The approach to repair depends on the complexity of the design: mortise locks will take twice as long. When making an application to repair hardware; specify the information about your door, the locking mechanism; the shape of the key so that the craftsmen can prepare the necessary tools in advance and pick up a similar lock if the old one has to be replaced.


  • Crossbar is a simple, wear-resistant locking mechanism that is usually installed in external doors: gates, garages. Entrance doors are also equipped with improved crossbar mechanisms. To open a jammed lock, use a pencil or fishing line; but if the bolt is damaged, then it can no longer be repaired.
  • Lever is a more complex locking mechanism. The keys to this lock have a certain set of cutouts, which must match the location of the levers. If one of them is not included in the combination, the lock will not open. The main task of the master; when repairing hardware of this lock is to replace the body or the levers themselves; sometimes the springs and the tongue require replacement.
  • Cylinder – easily repaired by replacing the cylinder. To do this, unscrew the old fastening screw and put in a new one.

When Is It Possible To Repair hardware For A Door Lock?

Sometimes it seems that the locking system is completely damaged, but only the cylinder has broken. The locksmith will quickly replace it.

If a mechanism with a long service life has stopped working, from a safety point of view, it is better to replace it with a new one.

A common cause of malfunction is the skew of the blade due to wear of the hinges, the mismatch of the latch, crossbars and the counterpart on the frame. It must be eliminated before repairing existing or installing new mechanisms. Also, seizure occurs when there is no lubrication of the internal parts or the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Whether it is possible to repair hardware for the lock on the door will be told by a specialist, it will also be clear what to change it to in a pinch.

Repair Hardware For Locks – The Kind Of Work We Provide

If the key scrolls, the structure sticks or opening the armored door requires pressing (effort) – you need to call the master to repair hardware for the lock. Specialists of the M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh Service Department will promptly determine the cause of the malfunction, select and replace protective fittings, install a protective device or replace the lock core.

We do:

  • replacement of overhead locks;
  • repair hardware for mortise locks;
  • replacement of the core of the lock;
  • door hardware repair after burglary;
  • installation of locks in a metal entrance door;
  • replacement of locks without a tie-in;
  • installation of locks in a wooden door with a tie-in.

Long-term and successful work with the latest models of elite brands allowed us to speed up the stage of determining the problem of protective devices as much as possible. Also, our service adheres to the practice of an individual approach to the problems of each customer. Competent specialists of our service are attentive to the personal preferences of the client, with understanding they approach the wishes of each client.

Repair Hardware Of Locks Urgently – The Cost Of This Service

The budget for the purchase of a locking device is a matter of taste and personal capabilities. After all, even a very expensive and elite security mechanism without proper installation becomes only an unreliable decoration of the front door. An insurmountable obstacle for criminals should be a modern device, delivered in compliance with the installation rules and technical standards.

Qualified locksmiths of M&N Locksmith Pittsburgh have many years of experience in carrying out hardware repair work, provide services extremely quickly and reliably. In this case, the price of replacing door locks is set according to the open price list and is negotiated before the start of the service.  We work as openly, honestly and efficiently as possible.

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